Are you a student looking for a fun summer job? Now’s your chance at an extra $1000 bonus toward your next school year!

    Get a fun summer job that pays, in one of today’s hottest industries – Energy!

SFE Scholarship Poster- 2016 Flattened

SFE Energy is looking for enthusiastic summer students who enjoy being part of a team, working outdoors, and making money! Get paid per deal, and work toward a thousand dollar end-of-summer scholarship bonus!

No time to be wasted! The first round for the scholarship bonus runs from:

May 2 to June 27, and the second round runs from July 4-August 29.

Contact us today to get:

-a fun summer job with great pay

-free training and guidance from an experienced sale manager

-generous commission for every sale you make

-opportunity to get an extra $1,000 bonus scholarship

Get in touch with SFE Energy today, to find a sales office closest to you!

Email:  [email protected]

Phone:  1-877-316-6344

SFE Energy protects customers against natural gas and electricity price volatility. Our green-forward company also offers affordable carbon offset programs.  Our Earth Save programs include Green Electricity and Eco Gas:

Check out our website, to learn more about our products: