Earth Save Program Projects

You can make a difference when you enroll in the SFE Energy Earth Save Program.

SFE Energy’s Earth Save program is a combination of projects that reduce emissions, as well as increase the carbon sinks (carbon neutralizers). The SFE Energy Earth Save Program will ensure the investment of only North American, verified, projects when we purchase our carbon offsets. The SFE Green Electricity and Eco Gas Programs provide homeowners with a means to do their part to save the environment here at home, which benefits our planet.

Carbon Offsets are measurable and tangible benefits generated from environmental projects. The Energy Offsets you contribute to, are for emission reduction projects achieved by environment-conscious people just like you! American homeowners and businesses are doing their part to reduce their emissions by switching to alternative energy sources such as wind and solar, as well as other emission reduction activities like tree-planting.

By Selecting Eco Gas or Green Electricity you will support reforestation, methane gas capture and biomass conversion programs to offset the carbon emissions created by your home’s energy use.  Read all about the project types below.

Since our partnership in 2014, American Forests has planted over 88,000 trees on behalf of our Earth Save customers.




Where your carbon offset dollars go!



The Pole Creek Fire of 2012 Photo credit: Flickr/Rebecca Nore

Pole Creek and Bridge 99 Fire Restoration Project
SFE Energy supports American Forests’ work with the U.S. Forest Service to plant 240,000 ponderosa pine and Douglas-fir seedlings across 1,000 acres that were burned by the Brown’s Creek Fire. Read More


Forest Managers deal with forest blow down from high windspeeds. Photo credit: American Public Media

Chippewa Blowdown Restoration Project
SFE Energy supports American Forests’ work in supporting the U.S.Forest Service in its ongoing efforts to replant millions of seedlings in an area devastated by a massive blowdown of trees in 2012. This year’s part of this multi-year program will plant 200,000 mixed conifers in a part of the Chippewa National Forest which has lost large stands of mature pines.


The endangered Kirtland’s warbler nests in stands of young — 5 to 20 years old — jack pine.

Purple Wing Prescribed Burn Restoration Project
SFE Energy supports American Forests’ work with the U.S. Forest Service to develop actively managed habitat for the endangered Kirtland’s warbler, planting 375,000 jack pine seedlings in the first part of a multi-year project.


A great blue heron with its catch

Virginia Longleaf Pine Restoration Project
SFE Energy supports American Forests’ work in reforesting 550 acres in two Virginia nature preserves with a total of 300,000 longleaf pine seedlings. These tracts support some of the highest diversity of rare plant and animal species in southeastern Virginia.t.


Projects involving the management and growth of biologically diversified and sustainable forestry, often protected by conservation rules to ensure longevity. Forests convert CO2 to O2 naturally repairing the CO2 imbalance in the environment.


Projects of methane gas emissions capture from landfills used to generate electricity. These recovery programs are capable of collecting and destroying large quantities of methane that have the emission reduction equivalent of taking thousands of cars off the road

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Projects of biomass conversion use crops and plant waste and turn them into energy, resulting in sustainable fuel. This fuel is low impact on the environment because the conversion does not result in harmful greenhouse gases.