2017 Email Bonus Campaign Winners

Thanks to everyone who entered the SFE Energy Email Bonus Contest between 2016 and 2017! We received overwhelming response and wish to thank everyone who entered.  A winner from each participating State was randomly selected in our draw conducted on October 3, 2017. A $500 Pre-paid Visa Gift Card was awarded to each selected winner:

Michael Fizgerald – SFE Energy Massachusetts

Erika Smith – SFE Energy Pennsylvania

Tara Huff – SFE Energy Ohio

Lari Thomas – SFE Energy Maryland

Ketki Smart – SFE Energy New Jersey

Drew Stanfill – SFE Energy California

Be sure to enter the SFE Energy’s Email Bonus Contest for a chance to win a $500 Pre-paid Visa Gift Card.  http://www.sfeenergy.com/entryform