Regardless of how Ohio’s 2027 renewables goal was halted to a standstill in June 2014, Columbus is an Ohio city to look up to, as they forge ahead to reduce their carbon footprint, despite the State’s ‘green freeze’.

Vulcan Inc. has become a big part of Columbus’ green story.  They are a company who invest in projects that help solve some of the largest global issues, the latest of which was their “Smart City Challenge”. There were seven city finalists, and Columbus won out; and now, they’re working with Vulcan, along with the US Department of Transportation toward their “Smart City Challenge” (SCC) initiative.  Vulcan’s Senior Program Officer for climate and energy, Spencer Reed, says that the  was seeking out a city that could make a commitment to cleaner energy solutions like smart grid technologies, de-carbonization, & all round better transportation with cleaner fuels (electric vehicles, electric vehicle charging stations). Interested parties in Columbus have now neatly aligned to create “a cleaner energy economy– an important part of Columbus’ … efforts to reduce [its] carbon footprint.” With Vulcan, Columbus is setting the standard toward universal access to renewables, despite Ohio State carbon goal obstacles.

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