Energy vampires drain electricity dollars


Plug-in equipment is one of the fastest-growing electricity-use categories.  

(Photo: Susan Tompor, Detroit Free Press)

The “always on” culture is always eating up energy dollars.

One estimate shows that homes across the country may be wasting up to $19 billion worth of electricity a year as consumers leave devices plugged in when not in use.

At your house, the cost could add up to an extra $100 to $165 a year or more per household, depending on the survey estimate. For some families, energy vampires tack on another 5% to 8% of the electricity bill.

We’re using electricity to send power to rechargeable vacuum cleaners, printers, scanners, entertainment systems and other devices when they’re not being used for their primary purposes or they’re on standby mode.

Energy vampires aren’t just family or friends who are emotional drains on your own health or happiness. An energy vampire also could be the third TV in a guest room with a VCR system that uses energy when it’s turned off but remains plugged into the wall.