Forest Wild Fires and Commitment to Rebuild

Did you know that the world lost more than the equivalent of one soccer field of forest every second in 2017 due to the spike in wild fires? It was reported by the Global Forest Watch to be the second highest recorded annual loss since 2001.* In the United States alone there are currently ( over 80 large fires burning in 14 states. Experts have attributed the cause to record-setting temperatures and drought conditions caused by climate change.

Wild fires have a number of environmental effects but one of the most obvious is the loss of trees and habitats for the animals who live among them. SFE Energy recognizes that without trees we would have no clean air to breathe and that is why we have committed to planting one new tree for every customer who participates in our green electricity and/or eco natural gas programs. To date we have planted over 150,000 trees thanks to our environmentally conscious customers. Our partnership with American Forests allows us to plant trees in the states that have seen the most devastation from the fires.

If you are interested in seeing how you can sign up for SFE Energy’s green programs and contribute to rebuilding areas affected by the wild fires, visit our website to learn more about our program.