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    In 1997, the Illinois Commerce Commission (“ICC”) approved plans to allow customers the option to buy their electricity and gas supply from companies other than their local utility company. Since then, hundreds of thousands of residential, commercial and industrial customers have chosen to purchase their energy from an Alternative Gas Supplier and/or Alternative Retail Electricity Supplier rather than their utility.

    Today, more and more Illinois residents are choosing SFE Energy Natural Gas and/or  Electricity Programs to better manage their home energy costs.

    SFE Energy is a competitively priced supplier of  natural gas and electricity across the United States. We’re not your utility, but your utility is important. They make sure your meters are read, they ensure the safe delivery of your electricity so your lights always turn on, and reliable delivery of your natural gas so your house stays warm; they’re responsible for any emergency repairs; they even allow us to bill our services on their bills! Without the utility, we couldn’t offer competitive and fixed price supply arrangements to our customers.

    Our Sales Representatives

    SFE Energy’s Sales Representatives receive ongoing training to ensure they are knowledgeable of State and local energy policies, pricing, market trends and regulations. Our Sales Representatives are supported by a team of Customer Service Representatives who are available to answer any additional questions you might have.

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