Natural Gas Prices Would Double?

In the aforementioned report, Energy Specialist, Art Berman gives the lowdown on why recent lower natural gas prices are set to increase in a major way in the next year, due to decreased supply.  Berman examines EIA ( forecasts throughout his report, and remarks on their futures being quite conservative:  “EIA forecasts $3.10 gas prices in January and February 2017, and $3.31 in December 2017. My forecast based on comparative inventories is about 15% higher overall than EIA’s but peak prices are 20-30% higher.  It calls for winter prices in the $4-range for 2016 and 2017.” Berman wraps up his report with the ominous assumption that even his own prediction, “natural gas prices should double in the next year or so” is conservative at best.

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