Power Shirt Generates Electricity from Physical Motion

treehugger.com shows us a whole new type of clothes for your closet!  It’s clothing fibre meets nanowire technology. Specific weaving together of these two materials can cause “the wearer’s body movements to power a range of portable electronic devices”  This could be the perfect technology for athletes in training, field soldiers, or an everyday person on a hike!  Imagine having a “power shirt” in your wardrobe.  According to a Georgia Institute of Technology Regents professor Zhong Lin Wang, this imagining is not far off from reality:  “The fiber-based nanogenerator would be a simple and economical way to harvest energy from physical movement.”  But what about electricity’s arch nemesis, water? Though the shirt is a realistic & economical venture, and the much improved design can provide up to 80 milliwatts of power, the shirt cannot be washed.  Nanowires and water don’t mix!  This could be the next big problem the scientists need to tackle, before the technology can be popularized.