Renewables rise to 16.8% of U.S. electricity production in H1 2016

Although the US finds itself trailing behind other countries like Italy and Germany, in their renewables progress, more “aggressive policy” is cropping up in guiding states like California and NY.  This pv magazine (photovoltaic markets & technology) article touts US efforts to forward renewable resources, but also shows the other side of the green coin:  The US falls short when it comes to solar initiatives.  “EIA data shows solar PV only making up 1.3% of total generation, a fraction of the portion in leading European nations.”  Much more rapid growth is required from the US to counter Climate Change effects, on a global scale, especially with 2016 surpassing heat records this summer.  An extended ITC (a US Investment Tax Credit) is the glimmer of hope for sunnier (and greener) US solar investments, and will play a major role in allowing more intensive improvements for the US, on the global solar scale.

In summary, the US needs more aggressive solar and renewable resource policies to compete with European green initiatives and to help counter Global Climate Change impacts; and now they have an extended Tax Credit to help them along.

Read more about the ITC and solar progress in the US here

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