SFE Energy California, Inc. Residential Natural Gas Launch

OAKLAND, CA, July 20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ – SFE Energy California, Inc. (“SFE”) is pleased to announce the launch of their Residential Natural Gas programs in California. SFE has been approved as a natural gas Core Transport Agent (“CTA”) by the California Public Utilities Commission (“CPUC”). SFE will begin marketing competitive natural gas programs to residential energy consumers in July of 2015.

“SFE will use its proven retail experience in the energy industry to bring affordable and cost protection programs to natural gas consumers,” said Gerry Haggarty, President of SFE Energy California, Inc. “Our programs are designed to serve and benefit residential consumers by providing them with peace of mind and consistency for a 3 year term.”

Consumers can have peace of mind by securing their commodity supply cost for 3 years, and receive protection against price fluctuations from season to season. Even during the hottest and coldest months of the year, consumers can count on a reliable and secure commodity supply cost.

In addition, SFE offers an Eco Gas Program, which is a green energy alternative. California residents can choose this program which invests in high quality carbon offsets. The effect of the program is an overall reduction of greenhouse gases, by offsetting the average home’s CO2 emissions. As part of the program, SFE has partnered with American Forests, who will plant a tree for each Eco Gas Program selected.

About SFE Energy: SFE Energy is the parent company of SFE Energy California Inc., and is a leading retail energy marketer that provides natural gas and electricity fixed price protection programs to homes and businesses across North America. Currently, SFE Energy markets in Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Massachusetts.