SFE Energy’s Earth Save Program ~ Making a Difference with American Forests (The Pole Creek and Bridge 99 Fire Restoration Project)

SFE Energy’s Earth Save program is a combination of projects that reduce emissions, as well as increase the carbon sinks (carbon neutralizers).

The Earth Save Program will ensure the investment of only North American, verified, projects when we purchase our carbon offsets.

When an SFE customer selects Eco Gas or Green Electricity they will support reforestation, methane gas capture and biomass conversion programs to offset the carbon emissions created by their home’s energy use.  Homeowners who receive their gas and/or electricity through SFE, will have a means help the environment here in the US, which benefits our planet.

One American Forests’ reforestation project that is part of SFE Earth Save,  is the Pole Creek and Bridge 99 Fire Restoration Project. The 108-acre Browns Creek Fire that forced the evacuation of hundreds of campers in Deschutes National Forest, in Redmond Oregon, in 2012, is still in the midst of its huge restoration, almost 4 years later.


This year marks the fourth and final year of reforestation efforts for the Pole Creek Fire. Planting in these areas means re-establishing forest cover in sites that have seen both natural and human disturbance. Ensuring trees become established as soon as possible after logging activity helps reduce erosion and accelerate the return of forest cover for both wildlife habitat and recreation.

SFE Energy supports American Forests’ work with the U.S. Forest Service, who planted over 240,000 ponderosa pine and Douglas-fir seedlings across 1,000 acres that were burned by the Brown’s Creek Fire.

The Bridge 99 Fire began in July 2014 after a very active lightning storm swept across Central Oregon, growing to encompass 5,000 acres. This reforestation effort began in 2016, with planting targeted to 200 acres along the Green Ridge escarpment.

With the SFE Energy Earth Save Program, and its reforestation project partners – American homeowners and businesses are doing their part to reduce their emissions by switching to alternative energy sources, as well as other vital emission reduction activities like tree-planting.

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