SFE Energy’s Earth Save Program ~ Making a Difference with the American Forests & the Chippewa Blowdown Restoration Project

SFE Energy’s Earth Save program is a combination of projects that reduce emissions, as well as increase the carbon sinks (carbon neutralizers). The SFE Energy Earth Save Program will ensure the investment of only North American, verified, projects when we  purchase our carbon offsets. The SFE Green Electricity and Eco Gas Programs provide homeowners with a means to do their part to save the environment here at home, which benefits our planet.

By Selecting Eco Gas or Green Electricity you will support reforestation, methane gas capture and biomass conversion programs to offset the carbon emissions created by your home’s energy use.

One reforestation project partner of SFE is the Chippewa National Forest (CNF) Blowdown Project in central Minnesota. In 2012, a severe storm with 80-85 mph winds caused a massive blowdown of trees within the CNF, with approximately 12,000 of the affected acres falling in what is considered the heart of “pine country” in the forest. Since the blowdown, more than 3 million seedlings have been planted.

This year, American Forests is planting an additional 500 acres with 200,000 red pine, jack pine, white pine and white spruce seedlings in Chippewa National Forest. These efforts to reforest the pine country have some urgency. Without active planting, these areas would regenerate with aspen and hazel, making it difficult to re-establish conifers, the breeding areas for the American bald eagle.

SFE Energy Earth Save Program, and its reforestation project partners enables American homeowners and businesses to do their part in reducing carbon emissions by switching to alternative energy sources, as well as other vital emission reduction activities like tree-planting in the Chippewa Restoration Project.

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