The surprisingly bright future of America’s forgotten renewable energy source: water

Is hydro power good or evil?  This article touches on the sensitive balance of hydro power’s environmental woes and potential.  On one hand, dams block rivers and can negatively affect wildlife; also “reservoirs created by dams can emit methane and alter local plants and wildlife”, contributing to climate change.  But in the bigger scheme of things, in comparison to fossil fuel emissions, and other non-renewable power sources, the adverse climate effects from hydro are more minimal.

The US has a lot of decisions to make regarding the resurrection of some of its many inactive dams:  there are “over 80,000 dams in our country, of which only 2000 have power production.”

This new US report:  Hydropower Vision: A New Chapter for America’s 1st Renewable Electricity Source gives close examination to the US Hydro power resources, and ultimately shares their view that electricity production via water power, has a lot of future potential.

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