UGI natural gas bill to rise for 2nd straight month

Though UGI would have liked to increase rates further, this PA utility’s customers will see a bill increase for the second month in a row.  Bill totals will rise again this October, 2016.

UGI made a request to the PA Public Utility Commission (PUC) back in January 2016, and approval was given for base rate (distribution charges) increases. “This is separate from the commodity charge for natural gas that increased… by 8.3 percent for the average residential customer.”  The PUC did provide online ‘Smart Hearings’ for customers to comment on the proposed increases, back in April of this year.  “Combined with the commodity charge increase, the average residential customer’s heating bill is rising $8.62 a month.”  The increase settlement however was also proposed to help fund an energy efficiency program model to customers, for five year terms.

For UGI customers interested in fixing their gas or electricity commodity rate (in 2 or 3 year terms, do not include delivery and transmission fees), please contact SFE Energy.  SFE Energy’s friendly customer service team will be happy to answer your questions, and get you on a plan with a competitive, fixed supply rate!  SFE Energy also offers Eco Gas and Green Electricity programs in PA. They are green energy programs to combat global warming by offsetting your carbon emission from electricity and gas consumption.  Call SFE Energy today at 1877 316 6344 or simply send us an inquiry here to explore your different options.