White House Report Calls For Safer Natural Gas Storage

Obama is still president, and is still making decisions that affect the well-being and safety of Americans, in the wake of all the election madness. “The Obama administration is announcing a series of recommendations for insuring the safety of the nation’s more than 400 underground natural gas storage wells.”  After multiple family displacement scenarios, due to a 2015 natural gas leak, in Porter Ranch, LA, it became very apparent that parameters needed to be put into place for more stringent well maintenance, leak detection, and sealing of leaks.  The White House has done their reporting, and made their recommendations, and the industry needs to implement them:  One of the main recommendations is that natural gas operators should phase out “single-point-of–failure well designs” and introduce backup systems, or “double-barrier protection” that can contain gas even in the event of a leak.”  Formal federal rules for safer gas storage will be put into place by the end of 2016.  This opb.org article leaves the reader feeling that the entire infrastructure of US natural gas wells needs a magnifying glass on them to identify old and faulty systems, as 80% of wells were completed in the 1970’s, or earlier.

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