You Use Your Energy, We’ll Plant a Tree

You Use Your Energy, We’ll Plant a Tree

It’s a truly rewarding experience working with American Forests to compliment SFE Energy’s energy business. 9 out of 10 customers who choose to protect their natural gas and electricity rates are choosing to do so with our green programs. This means for a little bit more, their electricity usage is 100% carbon neutral, and their gas usage is carbon neutral up to 1.5 tonnes per year.

One of the best parts of our energy programs is our partnership with American Forests, who plants 1 tree for each green electricity and each eco-gas program our customers choose.* This program is open to all customers we serve in New Jersey, Maryland, Ohio, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and California.

“People get so excited about this program,” says Director of Marketing, Lindsey Trypuc. “We even have people asking where on their lawn we will plant the tree! Unfortunately the trees aren’t planted on our customers’ properties, but are part of major reforestation initiatives to help preserve and maintain America’s forests and biodiversity. To date, SFE Energy, with our customers’ commitment to being green, have planted over 150,000 trees. That is truly amazing, and speaks to a wave of environmental concern that American homeowners share. We are so happy to be a part of this evolution of green thinking.”

These kinds of energy programs are primarily available through energy retailers, as the majority of local utilities do not provide green options for customers. More information about green electricity and eco gas can be found at

*Subject to the Terms and Conditions of the program.  Contact SFE Energy at 1-877-316-6344  for further details.